About the Library

About The Library Services

The OU library staff is happy to help you to find information, locate library materials, access the library databases, searching the Internet or describe the library rules and regulations.


  • Reference Service: The main library has following facilities for reference

Reading rooms – ground and upper floors

Student discussion area – outside the library

Staff Research facility

  • Borrowing facility: Library membership (from level III and above) is entitled, to borrow books as follows;  Students  – 02 books for a period of 02 weeks ,  Academic Staff  – 06 books for a period of 03 months
  • Book Reserving Facility: Reservation facility is available for any registered member. Members  have to produce their library membership card to get the reservation done.  Reserved materials are kept at the counter for a period of one week.
  • Request articles (Document Delivery Services):  Most of the journals receive in the library are recommendations of the academic staff of the OUSL.  Readers and staff can request required periodical articles from the journals available in the library
  •  Request books (Inter Library Loan Services):  Readers and staff can request books that are not available in the OUSL library collection through this service. Library will make arangements to get the book for a two weeks time period if the requested book is available in other university library of Sri Lanka or British Council Resource Centre at Colombo
  • Photocopying facility: Available at the main library and at regional centre libraries for the following rates. A4 size one side – Rs. 1.25 A4 size both sides – Rs. 2.00.It should be noted that the facility is available only for the students to copy from the library materials, provided that the copyright law to be followed strictly.
  • Inquiry services:  Any academic inquiries are welcome from any user over the phone, fax, email etc. Relevant Bibliographic information, printed or e-articles, books, etc. are supplied to users on their requests.Forward your academic queries to Tel: 2881509 Ext:509 or email inquiries-lib@ou.ac.lk or librarian@ou.ac.lk
  • Using Audio Visual Resource Centres:  The A/V Centres are available at the Main Library, Kandy & Matara Regional Centres. The facility will be shortly available at Anuradhapura and Batticaloa centres.
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About the Library Collection

Lending Collection

The library has a collection of books, journals, multimedia resources and Audio Visual resources at the Central Library and at Regional and Study Centres. At the main library there are approximately 136,133 books and bound journals spanning around a variety of subject areas. The library annually subscribes to foreign and local journal titles recommended by the academic staff.
The Audio Visual Resource Centre (AVRC) has over 1238 Videos and 681 Audio programmes produced by the Centre for Educational Technology & Media (CETMe) of the Open University and by foreign educational media institutions. There are also multimedia databases in CD format (CD-ROM 418, VCD 238) available at the Virtual Resource Centre.


Law Collection

The contents of the law collection is divided into two distinct categories, namely ‘primary sources’ and ‘secondary sources’ of law. By primary sources are meant books containing the law itself, such Acts of Parliament and reports of cases. Secondary sources include treatises, commentaries, journals and other sorts of publication which are, broadly speaking, about law and are not in themselves sources of legal authority. The present stock stands at over 10,000 volumes, including the New Law Reports (NLR), the Sri Lanka Law Reports (SLLR), Bills, Acts, Legislative Enactments (LE), Dictionaries, Parliamentary Publications, Encyclopedias, Bibliographies, Periodicals, Indexes, and Digests. NLR, SLLR and LE are available on digital formats as well.

The collection is located on Ground Floor of the Main Library. The Collection is extensive and the majority is available on open access. The material has been assembled over many years based around the interests of the Law Department and it’s students. The Collection has been benefited greatly from private donations.


Sri Lanka And Rare books

Sri Lanka and rare book collection provides resources to students and academics of the Open University and visiting scholars with books and other documents on Sri Lankan history, art and culture. To fulfill this mission, library collects, maintains and preserves pamphlets, books and other printed materials which are considered rare and unique.


Reference Collection

The reference collection is included more than 400 volumes. There are two kinds of reference books in the library such as Reference ® and Permanent Reference (PR). The books with single ‘R’ in read colour are shelved in lending collection. The books with ‘PR’ in red colour are belongs to Permanent Reference Collection. These are books not be taken from the library without permission.


In addition, the Library maintains collections of OUSL course materials, past exam papers, bound journals and dissertations (theses) for reference and archiving purposes.

All holdings of the collection are represented in OPAC.