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A New Service for Library Users

A new service for Library users, specially for researchers with the view of expanding access to the printed journals available in the Main Library.

You can find the content page of each Journal issue through the Library catalogue and request the interesting articles online. We will send you the requested articles via email at the earliest.
Please note that the content pages will be made available online from the latest journal issue available in the Library as at 01 st June 2020 and onwards.
Simply follow the given procedure in requesting articles.

  1. Simply follow the given procedure in requesting articles.
  2. Select the “List of Scholarly Journals & Magazines 2020” which includes a list of scholarly journals & magazines available in the Library or use the “Library catalogue search” to browse a specific journal
  3. Click on a journal title to open its full detailed record
  4. You can find the content page of the latest journal issue under the field of “online resources”
  5. Use the Option “request article” on the right-hand side of the screen to make the request Only Library members can enjoy this service.

Please contact Mrs. Maduwanthi (502) to obtain membership or if you have forgotten your password.

For more details please watch the given video clip.

Contact Mrs. Irosha Marasinghe/Assitant Librarian- Periodicals for any clarification.

List of Scholarly Journals and Magazines Subscribed by the University 2020
Journal Title
Key subject areas covered
Distance education, Teaching- learning,
Computer Science Applications
Asian Journal of Communication
Communication, Mass media, Education
uses of engineered polymer/fibres from the
consumer hygiene markets to automotive,
medical, protective, filtration, geo-textiles,
agro-textiles, acoustics etc.
Agricultural and Biological Sciences,
Business, Management and Accounting,
Business and International Management,
Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering
Law reports, digests
Anthropology, Archeology
Distance education, E-learning
Economics, Econometrics and Finance,
Political Science and International Relations,
Smart World and Gadgets, Virtual and
Augmented Realities, Robotics and
Automation, The Internet of Things
Business and International Management,
Accounting, Management of Technology and
Innovation, Strategy and Management,
Harvard Business Review
Economics and Econometrics
Language and Linguistics, Education,
Linguistics and Language
Social Sciences, Sociology and Political
Court verdicts, notes about legal enactments
and legal news
Nursing & Health Sciences
Nursing, Medicine
Distance education, E-learning
Biotechnology, Molecular Medicine, Organic
Chemistry, Pharmacology (medical),
Pharmaceutical Science
Psychology, Education
Social life & customs, Sociology
Economics, Econometrics and Finance
Language and Linguistics, Education


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