Please note that the library will not charge fines for your overdue books until the 01st of May 2022 due to the postponement of academic activities of the University and the existing power cut situation in the country. A fine of Rs. 10.00 per book, per overdue day will be charged from there onwards, as earlier.

The Main Library is open from Monday to Saturday from 8.30 am to 6.00 pm except during university special holidays and poya days. However, you may encounter some interruptions in accessing the digital repository and library online catalog during the power cut periods. Kindly bear with us.


"PDF Drive" is your search engine for PDF Books. PDF Drive has more than eighty million eBooks for you to download for free. "SpringerLink" provides Free Textbooks and Library Link special issue during Covid 19 package.


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New Arrivals - July 2020

You can access the following 07 databases through any computer with internet connection on main campus and regional centers.

E Journal Databases

We have subscribed World E-Book Library database for you. From following link you will be able to access our e-books online.

E Books

These videos are provided for helping students who are doing BA in Social Sciences degree in Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

BA in Social Sciences


You can use Wildcard(*) or other search operators(AND/OR/NOT)for the searching. For an example: if you use 'PS*' as search term, the system will result papers which have the word beginning with letters .PS. ( PSF1305/ PSE1305..etc).
Education(Edu) Collection | Engineering Technologies(Techno) Collection | Health Science Collection | Humanities and Social Sciences(HSS) Collection | Natural Sciences Collection


The archive consists of OUSL Journal, postgraduate theses, the staff members' research and supportive study materials of all the faculties and the post graduate courses
OUSL Academic Research | OUSL Annual Academic Sessions | OUSL Journal | OUSL Journal of Engineering and Technology (JET) | VISTAS Journal | Theses | The University Reports | SL Journal of Management Studies | FMS E News 2019

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