Development Economics

This course introduces the theories and practices of economic development; in ten topics it discusses some of the key dimensions of underdevelopment including the underlying reasons therein faced by developing countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Students are supplied with a printed text plus online materials including power point presentations. The course evaluation would include class room participation, interactive exchanges of quizzes, assignments, activities etc. plus the final examination. Students are expected to demonstrate the ability to handle tools of analysis of economic development, critically analyze issues of underdevelopment and why some countries lag behind in the process of development.

  • SSU2133 - Development Economics_1-Introduction

  • SSU2133 - Development Economics_2-Measurements of economic development

  • SSU2133 - Development Economics_3-Characteristics of Developing Countries

  • SSU2133 - Development Economics_4-Meaning of Poverty

  • SSU2133 - Development Economics_5-Poverty Reduction

  • SSU2133 - Development Economics_6-Economic Inequality Concept and Measurements

  • Public Finance

    This course outlines the role of the state in the management of economic enterprises; it explores modes of financing public expenditure and how such finances are collected. It introduces different instruments available to the state to raise finances including forms of taxation and also prioritizing and utilizing public expenditure prudently among different expenditure headings. The course is offered using an online platform where access is made available to retrieve and use study materials and to engage productively in the process of learning.

  • SSU2136 - Public Finance-Session-1

  • SSU2136 - Public Finance-Session-2

  • SSU2136 - Public Finance-Session-9

  • SSU2136 - Public Finance-Session 10-Services

  • SSU2136 - Public Finance-Session-10-infra

  • Health Economics

    This course exposes students to principles, practices and major issues that govern the health care development in Sri Lanka in particular. It emphasizes how to address issues relating to sharing of costs and raising funds necessary to finance health care expenditure. The course is delivered using the IMM mode of delivery. Students could access and use study materials online and also take part in the CA process.

  • SSU2132 - Health Economics - Discussion 1

  • SSU2132 - Health Economics - Discussion 2

  • SSU2132 - Health Economics - Discussion 3

  • SSU2132 - Health Economics - Discussion 4

  • Religion, Culture and Society

    Episode 1 is themed what is religion and why should we study it? Episode 1 consists of 2 parts. Part 1 looks at how we define religion. Before you look at the AV material provided perhaps you should do this reflective exercise. Write 5 sentences stating your position on religion. What do you think about religion? Do you consider yourself as a religious person? Why? Why not? What does religion mean to you?

  • SSU2155 - Religion and Culture

  • SSU2155 - Culture and Society

  • Kinship, Marriage and Family

    In this video (two episodes) Prof Janet Carsten, of the University of Edinburgh is in conversation with Dr Asha Abeyasekera, University of Colombo. They talk about the revival of kinship studies in the field of anthropology and particularly the contribution of feminism to kinship studies. This video is compulsory for students registered for SSU2153 Kinship, Marriage and Family.

  • SSU2153 - Kinship, Marriage and Family-Episode 1

  • SSU2153 - Kinship, Marriage and Family-Episode 2

  • Politics and Social Movements

    This video give an introduction of “sociology of politics” and “social movements”. This also give an introduction of the differences between sociology and political science.

  • SSU2156 - Introduction to Politics and Social Movements

  • SSU2156 - The Examples of Social Movements

  • SSU2156 - The Link Between the Politics and Social Movements

  • SSU2156 - What are Environmental Movements

  • Globalization Migration and Social Change

    This video is an interview of Mr. Upali Pannilage: Head of department of the Department of Sociology of the University of Ruhuna. It focuses on the evolution and the development of the concept of Globalisation; the key landmarks in this process; the three waves of globalisation and its key theoretical perspectives. He also discusses how links between Globalisation, migration and social change are established.

  • SSU3157 - Globalization Migration and Social Change - Inro

  • SSU3157 - Globalization Migration and Social Change

  • SSU3157 - Globalization Migration and Social Change - Migration

  • Disaster Mitigation

    This is a video about the ICT based Early Warning System for Tsunami in Sri Lanka. This is linked to the course SSU2123 Communication in Disaster Mitigation.

  • SSU2123 - Kantale Reservoir

  • SSU2123 - Last Mile (Tsunami)

  • Advertising and Promotions-Marketing and Advertising Research

    Today there is a big demand for researches and doing research is specially very important for university students. This video discusses why university students are often afraid of doing research related subjects.

  • SSU2124 - Advertising and Promotions-Marketing and Advertising Research 01
  • SSU2124 - Advertising and Promotions-Marketing and Advertising Research 02
  • SSU2124 - Advertising and Promotions-Marketing and Advertising Research 03
  • SSU2124 - Advertising and Promotions-Marketing and Advertising Research 04
  • SSU2124 - Advertising and Promotions-Marketing and Advertising Research 05

  • SSU2145 - Concepts of Political Participation

    This Discussion focuses on the conceptualization of political participation in Political Science, different approaches used in defining political participation, and experience of actual political participation of people. It also captures the limitations in the classical understanding of political participation and explores alternate means to participate in politics.

  • SSU2145 - Political Participation

    This Discussion focuses on the conceptualization of devolution in Political Science, adoption of devolution as a mechanism of organizing the State in Sri Lanka, and different nuances in power sharing discourse in Sri Lanka. In the latter part, the discussants evaluate performance of devolution in Sri Lanka during the last couple of years

  • SSU2145 - Discussion on Devolution, Political Participation and Social Movements

    This focuses on the development, theorization and evolution of social movements in Political Science. They go onto elaborate the functions of social movements, differentiate social movements and political parties and to dwell on the nexus between violence, social movements, civil society and international Non-Governmental Oraganizations. At the end, they discuss the impact of social movements on the State.

  • Law and Politics

    This is a Discussion on the Public Representation Committee (PRC) and the current (2016) Constitutional Process in Sri Lanka. The main objective of this discussion would be for the students to understand how law and politics is intertwined, by looking at the current constitutional process. The main questions and points discuss are; Why is a constitutional process important to Sri Lanka?; The importance of people’s engagement in the constitutional process; How people engaged with the current process?; 
And on the challenges faced by the constitutional process?

  • SSU3147 - Constitutional Process and the Public Representation Committee on Constitutional Reform in Sri Lanka

  • DSU4353 Kinship course


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