Circulation Services provides prompt and friendly service to the community of the Open University of Sri Lanka (OUSL) in lending library materials.
Additionally, staff members are responsible for handling inquiries, answering questions, maintaining the collections, and study spaces.

Library membership is open to the students of level III and above, all categories of permanent academic staff members of the OUSL, retired academic staff members, academic support staff, administrative and non academic staff members.
Permanent OUSL staff members can obtain the library membership after filing the membership form available at the library counter. Submit the completed membership form along with a copy of the appointment letter to the library counter to obtain the membership.
Certain categories of temporary OUSL staff members are also eligible for the library membership after making a refundable deposit.

Eligible students, who want to use the borrowing facility, should enroll as a library member. The procedure is as follows.

• Obtain the membership deposit payment form by producing their students record book at the library counter

• Make a refundable deposit to the shroff counter and submit the following documents along with a duly completed membership form to the membership counter at the library.

The student record book
The original receipt of the membership fee paid to the shroff counter
Recent photograph (passport size)
Membership category Deposit (Rs.)
Undergraduates - Level III and above 500.00
Postgraduate students 5,000.00
Visiting academic staff /consultants Council members 2,000.00
Retired OUSL academic staff 5,000.00
Postgraduate Research Students (M.phil/ phD) 5,000.00
Outside Institutes (Annual Payment. Not Refundable) 10,000.00
Postgraduate Institute of English- PG. Dip/ MA Students 5,000.00
Postgraduate Institute of English- Mphil / PhD Students 8,000.00
Membership Category No. of Books Duration
Undergraduate students, PGIE Students (PG.Dip./ MA) 02 02 Weeks
Postgraduate students 02 01 Month
Postgraduate Research Students (Mphil / PhD Students) 04 01 Month
Academic Staff 10 03 Months
Temp. Academic & Administrative Staff 06 03 Months
Academic Support, Technical Officer, Visiting Staff, Consultants, Library Non Academic Staff, Senior Staff Assistants 04 01 Month
Non-academic Staff 03 03 Weeks
Retired OUSL Academic Staff 02 02 Weeks
Council Members 06 01 Month
Outside Institutes 06 01 Month
At the time of obtaining the library membership, the Library provides you the login credentials to access your Library account. Your account provides the following.
• Personal Information-Name, Address, Phone and Email
• Checkouts- Review Checked Out and Overdue items, Find item Due Date
• Fines- Review Current Fines/Blocks on items, View fine Amount and Total Due
• Circulation History
• Online Renewal- This allows you to extend your borrowing period at the time when you are unable to return the books before the due date.
• If a book is not returned on the due date, a fine will be charged from the member. Fine for an item is Rs. 10.00 per day and, further loans will not be possible while a book is overdue or a fine is pending
• If the book is lost, cost of the book plus departmental charges will be levied from the borrower. The borrower also can replace the lost book with a book in acceptable conditions and in such an event only the fine will be charged for the overdue duration.
• Detaching of pages from library materials, scribbling on them or mutilation of pages or content
• The deliberate misfiling or hiding of books, theft of books and other materials from the library
•The librarian will report to the Vice-Chancellor/Deans regarding any person/s who violate the library culture. Such a person will be regarded as a black listed user.