The Kurunegala Regional Centre library is one out of the 8 regional center libraries of the
Open University of Sri Lanka. It is situated in Negombo Road, Kurunegala.
Kurunegala Regional Centre Library started as a reference library in 2017 and at the end
of 2017, it established a new separate space with reading facilities. Gradually, KuRC
library develop the library facilities and in the year 2021 commenced the Borrowing
facility for students and staff. Presently, KuRC library offers many library services and
facilities to the staff and students.

Library Services

We offer following library services for our user community.

The book borrowing facility is available for students from level 3 and above who have not obtained membership at the main library Nawala or any other regional centre library can apply for
membership at Kurunegala Regional library.

Reference service is open to all registered students of the Kurunegala Regional Centre library.

  • Email:
  • Telephone: 037-2223473
  • Whatsapp-0714742584
  • Ask a Librarian Live chat (on selected days)

The Kurunegala Regional Centre Library provides literature supporting services for research purposes and academic projects. Library staff assist you to find literature from e-resources as well as from printed materials for the undergraduates, postgraduates, and academic staff members.

The Kurunegala Regional Centre Library provides the Internet access within the library premises.

The main library website ( provides access to a range of e-resources for students and the staff. Library website currently provides access to e- databases such as JSTOR, Emerald, OXFORD journals, Law Lanka database. Registered users can also access e-books, online journals, OER, Digital room facilities, etc. through the library website.

We offer ask a librarian service on selected dates live via zoom and the dates are announced through the OUSL library website and whatsapp groups and emails groups.

We offer current updates of newly arrived books, periodicals and other materials to students’ library email groups and other relevant current information.

Library Collection

Our library collection comprises of Textbooks, Past Question Papers (PQP), Audio/Videos, Course materials, Periodicals and Law Reports

Our Staff

Academic Staff

Mrs.H.M.P.P.K. Abeysinghe
Senior Assistant Librarian

Assisting Staff

Ms. Y.W.N.D. Amarasooriya
Project Assistant

Mrs.H.M.P.P.K. Abeysinghe

Senior Assistant Librarian

E-mail :

Phone No: 0372223473


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