Oxford Academic e-database
No.Journal TitlesAccessible period
1Twentieth Century British History2014-2021,2024
2Trusts & Trustees2014-2021,2023
3Tree Physiology1996 - 2023
4Transactions of The Royal Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene2014-2021,2023
5Toxicological Sciences1996 - 2023
6The Year's Work in English Studies2014-2021,2023
7The Year's Work in Critical and Cultural Theory2014-2021,2023
8The World Bank Research Observer2014-2021,2023
9The World Bank Economic Review2014-2021,2023
10The Review of Financial Studies2014-2021,2023
11The Review of English Studies2014-2021,2023
12The Review of Economic Studies2014-2021,2023
13The Review of Corporate Finance Studies2014-2021,2023
14The Review of Asset Pricing Studies2014-2021,2023
15The Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics1996-2021,2023
16The Quarterly Journal of Mathematics2014-2021,2023
17The Quarterly Journal of Economics2014-2021,2023
18The Philosophical Quarterly2014-2021,2023
19The Opera Quarterly2014-2021
20The Musical Quarterly2014-2021,2023
21The Library2014-2021,2023
22The Leo Baeck Institute Yearbook2014-2021,2023
23The Journals of Gerontology1996-2023
24The Journals of Gerontology1996-2023
25The Journal of World Energy Law & Business2014-2021,2023
26The Journal of Theological Studies2014-2021,2023
27The Journal of Medicine and Philosophy: A Forum for Bioethics and Philosophy of Medicine2014-2021,2023
28The Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization2014-2021,2023
29The Journal of Infectious Diseases1996-2023
30The Journal of Hindu Studies2014-2021,2023
31The Journal of Deaf Studies and Deaf Education1996-2021,2023
32The Journal of Biochemistry2014-2021,2023
33The Gerontologist1996-2021,2023
34The European Journal of Public Health1991-2023
35The European Journal of Orthodontics1996-2023
36The English Historical Review2014-2021,2023
37The Computer Journal2014-2021,2023
38The Chinese Journal of International Politics2014-2021,2023
39The Cambridge Quarterly2014-2021,2023
40The British Journal of Social Work2014-2021,2023
41The British Journal of Criminology2014-2021,2023
42The British Journal of Aesthetics2014-2021,2023
43The Annals of Occupational Hygiene1996-2023
44The American Journal of Jurisprudence2014-2021,2023
45The American Journal of Comparative Law2020-2021,2023
46The American Historical Review2014-2021,2023
47Teaching Mathematics and its Applications: An International Journal of the IMA2014-2021,2023
48Systematic Biology1996-2023
49Statute Law Review2014-2021,2023
50Sociology of Religion2014-2021,2023
51Socio-Economic Review2014-2021,2023
52Social Work2014-2021,2023
53Social Work Research2014-2021,2023
54Social Science Japan Journal2014-2021,2023
55Social Politics: International Studies in Gender, State & Society2014-2021,2023
56Social History of Medicine2014-2021,2023
57Social Forces2014-2021,2023
58Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience2006 - 2023
60Science and Public Policy2014-2021,2023
61Schizophrenia Bulletin1969 - 2023
63Review of Finance1997 - 2023
64Research Evaluation2014-2021,2023
65Reports of Patent, Design and Trade Mark Cases2014-2021
66Refugee Survey Quarterly2014-2021,2023
67Radiation Protection Dosimetry2014-2021,2023
68QJM: An International Journal of Medicine2014-2021,2023
69Publius: The Journal of Federalism2014-2021,2023
70Public Policy & Aging Report2014-2021,2023
71Public Opinion Quarterly2014-2021,2023
72Public Health Ethics2014-2021,2023
73Protein Engineering, Design and Selection1996 - 2023
74Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society2014-2016
75Policing: A Journal of Policy and Practice2014-2021,2023
76Plant and Cell Physiology1996-2021,2023
77Philosophia Mathematica1996-2021,2023
78Perspectives on Public Management and Governance2018-2021,2023
79Past & Present2014-2021,2023
80Parliamentary Affairs2014-2021,2023
81Oxford Review of Economic Policy2014-2021,2023
82Oxford Journal of Legal Studies2014-2021,2023
83Oxford Economic Papers2014-2021,2023
84Oxford Art Journal2014-2021,2023
85Occupational Medicine1996 - 2023
86Notes and Queries2014-2021,2023
87Nicotine and Tobacco Research2014-2021,2023
88Neuro-Oncology1999 - 2023
89Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation1996 - 2023
90Mutagenesis1996 - 2023
91Music Therapy Perspectives2014-2021,2023
92Music Theory Spectrum2014-2021,2023
93Music and Letters2014-2021,2023
94Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society: Letters2005-2021,2023
95Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society1820-2021,2023
96Molecular Biology and Evolution1983-2021,2023
97Modern Judaism - A Journal of Jewish Ideas and Experience2014-2021,2023
100MHR: Basic science of reproductive medicine1996-2021,2023
102Medical Law Review2014-2021,2023
103Mathematical Medicine and Biology2014-2021,2023
104Mammalian Species1969-2021,2023
105Logic Journal of the IGPL2014-2021,2023
106Literature and Theology2014-2021,2023
107Literary Imagination2014-2021,2023
108Law, Probability and Risk2002-2021,2023
109Laboratory Medicine1996-2021,2023
110Journal of Tropical Pediatrics1996-2021,2023
111Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society2012 - 2023
112Journal of the History of Medicine and Allied Sciences2014-2021,2023
113Journal of the History of Collections2014-2021,2023
114Journal of the American Academy of Religion2014-2021,2023
115Journal of Survey Statistics and Methodology2014-2021,2023
116Journal of Social History2014-2021,2023
117Journal of Semitic Studies2014-2021,2023
118Journal of Semantics2014-2021,2023
119Journal of Refugee Studies2014-2021,2023
120Journal of Public Health1996 - 2023
121Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory1996 - 2023
122Journal of Plant Ecology2008 - 2023
123Journal of Plankton Research1996-2021,2023
124Journal of Petrology1996-2021,2023
125Journal of Pediatric Psychology1996-2021,2023
126Journal of Music Therapy2014-2021,2023
127Journal of Molecular Cell Biology2009 -2021,2023
128Journal of Logic and Computation2014-2021,2023
129Journal of Language Evolution2016-2021,2023
130Journal of Islamic Studies2014-2021,2023
131Journal of International Economic Law2014-2021,2023
132Journal of International Dispute Settlement2014-2021,2023
133Journal of International Criminal Justice2014-2021,2023
134Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice2014-2021,2023
135Journal of Human Rights Practice2014-2021,2023
136Journal of Heredity1996-2021,2023
137Journal of Gerontology1996 - 2023
138Journal of Financial Econometrics2014-2021,2023
139Journal of Experimental Botany1996 - 2023
140Journal of European Competition Law & Practice2014-2021,2023
141Journal of Environmental Law2014-2021,2023
142Journal of Economic Geography2014-2021,2023
143Journal of Design History2014-2021,2023
144Journal of Conflict and Security Law2014-2021,2023
145Journal of Competition Law & Economics2014-2021,2023
146Journal of Church and State2014-2021,2023
147Journal of Chromatographic Science1996-2023
148Journal of Antimicrobial Chemotherapy1996-2021,2023
149Journal of Analytical Toxicology1996-2023
150Journal of American History2014-2021,2023
151Journal of African Economies2014-2021,2023
152JNCI: Journal of the National Cancer Institute1996-2023
153JNCI Monographs1997-2023
154Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies2021 and 2023
155Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology1996 - 2023
157ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment2014-2021,2023
158International Relations of the Asia-Pacific2014-2021,2023
159International Mathematics Research Notices2014-2021,2023
160International Journal of Transitional Justice2014-2021,2023
161International Journal of Refugee Law2014-2021,2023
162International Journal of Public Opinion Research2014-2021,2023
163International Journal of Lexicography2014-2021,2023
164International Journal of Law, Policy and the Family2014-2021,2023
165International Journal of Law and Information Technology2014-2021,2023
166International Journal of Epidemiology1996 - 2023
167International Journal of Constitutional Law2003 - 2023
168International Journal for Quality in Health Care1996 - 2023
169International Immunology1996 - 2023
170International Health2009-2023
171International Data Privacy Law2014-2021,2023
172Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment2014-2021,2023
173Interacting with Computers2014-2021,2023
174Integrative and Comparative Biology1961 - 2023
175Industrial Law Journal2014-2021,2023
176Industrial and Corporate Change2014-2021,2023
177IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis2014-2021,2023
178IMA Journal of Mathematical Control and Information2014-2021,2023
179IMA Journal of Management Mathematics2014-2021,2023
180IMA Journal of Applied Mathematics2014-2021,2023
181ICSID Review - Foreign Investment Law Journal2014-2021,2023
182ICES Journal of Marine Science1903- 2023
183Human Rights Law Review2014-2021,2023
184Human Reproduction1996 - 2023
185Human Reproduction Update1996 - 2023
186Human Molecular Genetics1996 - 2023
187Holocaust and Genocide Studies2014-2021, 2023
188History Workshop Journal2014-2021, 2023
189Health Promotion International1996-2021, 2023
190Health Policy and Planning1986-2023
191Health Education Research1996-2021, 2023
192Health & Social Work2014-2021, 2023
194German History2014-2021, 2023
195Geophysical Journal International1958-2023
196French Studies2014-2021, 2023
197French Studies Bulletin2014-2021, 2023
198French History2014-2021, 2023
199Forum for Modern Language Studies2014-2021, 2023
200Forestry: An International Journal of Forest Research1996-2021, 2023
201Family Practice1996-2021, 2023
202European Sociological Review2014-2021, 2023
203European Review of Economic History2014-2021, 2023
204European Review of Agricultural Economics2014-2021, 2023
205European Journal of Public Health1991-2023
206European Journal of Orthodontics1996-2023
207European Journal of International Law1990-2023
208European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery1996-2023
209European Heart Journal1996-2023
210European Heart Journal Supplements2001-2012, 2014-2021, 2023
211European Heart Journal - Cardiovascular Imaging2000-2023
212Essays in Criticism2014-2021, 2023
213Epidemiologic Reviews1996-2023
214EP Europace1999-2023
215English: Journal of the English Association2014-2021, 2023
216ELT Journal2014-2021, 2023
217Early Music2014-2021, 2023
218Diplomatic History2014-2021, 2023
219Digital Scholarship in the Humanities2014-2018
220Current Legal Problems2014-2021, 2023
221Contributions to Political Economy2014-2021, 2023
222Contemporary Women's Writing2014-2023
223Community Development Journal2014-2021, 2023
224Clinical Kidney Journal2008-2023
225Clinical Infectious Diseases1996-2023
226Classical Receptions Journal2014-2021, 2023
227Christian bioethics: Non-Ecumenical Studies in Medical Morality2014-2021, 2023
228Chinese Journal of International Law2014-2021, 2023
229Children & Schools2014-2021, 2023
230Chemical Senses1996-2023
231CESifo Economic Studies2014-2021, 2023
232Cerebral Cortex1996-2021, 2023
233Cardiovascular Research1996-2023
235Capital Markets Law Journal2014-2021. 2023
236Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society2014-2021, 2023
237Cambridge Journal of Economics2014-2021, 2023
238Bulletin of the London Mathematical Society2014-2016
239British Medical Bulletin1996-2021, 2023
240Briefings in Functional Genomics2002-2021, 2023
241Briefings in Bioinformatics2000-2023
243BJA Education2001-2017
244Biostatistics2000-2021, 2023
246Biometrika2014-2021, 2023
248Behavioral Ecology1996-2023
249Astronomy & Geophysics1997-2021, 2023
250Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology1996-2021, 2023
251Applied Mathematics Research eXpress2003-2017
252Applied Linguistics2014-2021, 2023
253Annals of Work Exposures and Health1996-2023
254Annals of Botany1996-2023
255Analysis2014-2021, 2023
256American Literary History2014-2021, 2023
257American Law and Economics Review2014-2021, 2023
258American Journal of Legal History2020-2021, 2023
259American Journal of Hypertension1988-2023
260American Journal of Epidemiology1996-2023
261American Entomologist1996-2021
262Alcohol and Alcoholism1996-2023
263Age and Ageing1996-2023
264African Affairs2014-2021,2023
266Acta Biochimica et Biophysica Sinica2004-2021